National Bishop Supports Rise Up

The national Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton (pictured with our Executive Director, Jack DiMatteo) has expressed her praise and appreciation for the local efforts of RISE UP.)

Interfaith efforts to provide relief/support for others are grounded in every faith tradition.

Sisters and brothers from all walks of life can rise up to affirm the dignity and value of every human life.

RISE UP provides temporary assistance to those facing economic hardships, family crises, medical issues, and other situations which may seem overwhelming.

Bishop Eaton is a native of the Cleveland area, and she has seen first-hand the devastating effects of poverty on individuals and families struggling to “make ends meet”. She has also witnessed enormous loving support when all of God’s children gather together to make the world a better place.

Those from the Christian tradition will recall the words of Jesus recorded in the Scriptures, “When I was hungry, you gave me food…” (Matthew 25).

Let’s all gather together to mutually support and encourage one another.

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