In New Jersey:

  • 37% of NJ households are classified as “the working poor” struggling to meet a “basic survival budget”
  • The NJ Governor’s office has established the NJ Poverty Line for a family of three to be $1,702/month, hardly enough to cover basic needs (
  • The NJ basic cash assistance program (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families- TANF) has not seen the size of its grants increase since 1989, despite inflation and a higher cost of living (

In Rockaway:

  • 12% of all children age 5 and younger live in households with 50% less aggregate family income than those on the NJ poverty line (
  • The unemployment rate among U.S. citizen Hispanics in Rockaway is 13.2%. This is 4% higher than the NJ state average unemployment rate for U.S. citizen Hispanics (
  • 39.8% of disabled males live at or below the poverty rate, compared to the state average of 11.3% of disabled males living in similar conditions (

There is no social service agency in Rockaway (volunteer or municipally funded) currently in place to address the needs of the local “working poor” and impoverished. This is why we formed RISE UP!

As a Community:

Community leaders and residents can RISE UP and address the growing needs of the local impoverished community.

Destitute sisters and brothers can RISE UP and discover opportunities for improved living

Local faith-based groups can RISE UP in advocacy for impoverished neighbors who have limited life-choices and resources

All people can RISE UP in celebration of an inclusive community which values the dignity and well-being of every person