RISE UP is comprised solely of local volunteers serving​ in five direct service teams as well as five support teams.  The team descriptions are:


The Clothing and Furniture Supply Team distributes clothing, laundry supplies, laundry assistance, and furniture to needy individuals of the wider community including, but not limited to, the current endeavors of the local “Laundry Love” organization and the “Interfaith Furnishings” organization, both of Rockaway, NJ.

The Food Resource Team distributes food and other nutritional sustenance to individuals of the community including, but not limited to, local food pantry services, food rescue operations, the distribution of fresh produce, the creation and maintenance of any and all community gardens associated with this organization, the efficient maintenance of local programs and activities which provide direct meals (breakfast, and/or lunch, and/or dinner) served directly to recipients and housed in any of this entity’s authorized food distribution venues.

The Health and Wellness Team provides the direct supervision and implementation of all efforts addressing the health and wellness of those receiving relief from this entity including, but not limited to, blood pressure screenings and other “vital signs” screenings offered by qualified health care professionals authorized by this entity, community-offered exercise programs, community-offered health and wellness education programs, nutritional counseling programs for individuals, families, and communities, etc. The Health and Wellness Team will also work to ensure that the impoverished receive adequate transportation to and from medical and dental appointments, and shall work to provide a 24-Hour hotline telephone assistance to address the emergency needs of the impoverished as they may develop.

The Employment Counseling Team addresses those in the community who are unemployed or under-employed. The efforts of the Employment Counseling Team include, but are not limited to, teaching, instructing, and coaching recipients on job seeking skills, interview training skills, job performance skills, resume writing, successful completion and follow-through of employment applications, and the creation of personal/family financial budgeting. This team will strive to maintain a workable and accessible community phone number and mailing address, provided by this entity, for those currently homeless who are attempting to maintain contacts with current and/or future “potential” employers.

The Behavioral Health and Family Support Team provides referrals to qualified behavioral therapists and/or other health care professionals who can provide pro-bono or sliding scale fees for services rendered. These professionals shall offer general psychotherapy services, crisis counseling services, parenting training seminars, couples therapy, grief therapy, support groups, addiction intervention counseling and support, and other services contributing to the overall behavioral well-being of the local destitute.


The Intake Team consists of volunteers who answer our phones, make initial assessments, and direct all clients to appropriate resources within RISE UP and to the wider community. This team maintains a comprehensive listing of county resources and local contacts for the effective response and assistance to those in need.

The Finance Team oversees all accounting functions and accounting reports, including budget preparation, grant writing, the recording of all receipts and disbursements of funds, maintaining requirements for the internal and external auditing procedures, and other functions normally associated with the smooth and efficient financial operation of the entity.

The Advancement Team is a division of the Finance Team and is responsible for any and all fund raising activities of RISE UP. This team is active year-round to financially undergird RISE UP while providing community-building activities such as the annual Sweet Peace Baking Contest, the Kind Soles Project, and more!

The Unmet Needs Team responds to local emergencies and other extraordinary circumstances not addressed directly by any of the other RISE UP service teams. A core of relief volunteers assemble, on a case-by-case basis, to respond directly and effectively to specific needs.

The Marketing Team is responsible for generating community awareness of RISE UP and its endeavors through the creation and maintenance of a web site, promotional flyers and informative documents intended for distribution to the community at-large including, but not limited to, newspaper press releases and other media contacts intended for local, state-wide, and national distribution. The Marketing Team assists in the promotion of various fund-raising endeavors.