“Gather the Lather” – Huge Success!

During March, RISE UP Rockaway teamed up with Dr. Corbett (Superintendent of Rockaway Schools) and each school in the district to collect over 700 bars of soap, and various other toiletry items, to be given to the poor in our area.  The collection campaign was known as “Gather the Lather”.
Traditional food stamps do not cover necessary toiletry items, which can be rather expensive for those living at or below the poverty level… so RISE UP responded in collaboration with schoolchildren all across the area to offer much-needed relief.
Special thanks to Angela Bloshuk, RISE UP Vice President, who created and coordinated the efforts!  She is pictured below (in the red sweater).
Special thanks to all who participated and donated!
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  1. Gail
    Gail says:

    How fortunate I was to be there to see Angela and Mark come carrying in so many (heavy) boxes of toiletries and help and take their smiling photo. The wonderful scents and thoughtful contributions from so many students and school staffs all made possible with big collection tubs and a great project name. You bring to people’s attention the important items that help friends, neighbors and strangers with necessities many do not have in everyday living.
    Every time I see what you have done for so many people a smile comes on my face and realize how fortunate we are to know you and your family and be part of the helping. Your energies, thoughtful caring and love of others is contagious, and it shows in how many projects are successful and the happiness you spread. John and I look forward to the next event we can help with.


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